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            Guitar Unit

We are in our 3rd year of guitar study. For out culminating project we will be taking our show on the road. You can find the students playing Christmas carols for the Kindergartners and 1st graders by the end of the semester. We display our guitar skills and share our talents with the younger students.

This is a great project that brings our school together. The younger students really enjoy it and mainly the 1st graders - really get into it and sing along.

Programme Music and Leitmotifs:

Programmatic Music, music that tells a story.... The study of the music that makes our movies and television shows. The origins of where they come from, takes us back to leitmotifs - melodies for specific characters- and programmatic music - the over-all story of a song, or group of songs. 

  • Write a Storyboard, that tells the story of the programmatic work Carnival of the Animals, No. 7, Aquarium by Camille Saint-Sains.
  • An example of the song is below.

25 Carnival Of The Animals - Aquarium.mp3

Epic Video Game Music

OUR FOCUS: The use of a “layered loop” in gaming music: a loop of music that can be played over and over again and that changes or grows in intensity through the clever use of varying orchestration.

Taking this concept, you can create an epic battle theme which is 8 bars in length, but has 3 different versions, building loops upon one another.

Here's what you do:
  • The first 8-bar version of the theme is gentle and a little mysterious. This would be used say, when the player is walking around, exploring the landscape.

  • The second 8-bar version of the theme includes a few extra parts to increase the intensity. This part of the theme would be triggered when the player is nearing a bad guy and/or they are approaching a combat situation.

  • The third 8-bar version of the theme is the most intense and includes all instrumental parts. This version of the theme would accompany the battle itself. It’s strong, powerful and fierce.

  • Make sure that at least 3 of your tracks are homemade, created melody pattern, or rhythmic sequences!

Assignments Due:

Mrs. Olsen - April 28

Mrs. Schuett - April 24

Ex. Espionage Spy Music.mp3

Mrs. Olsen's Class

Video Game Music

Awesome Video Game Song.mp3

Space exploration, in the future. - Maggie Hall, Cassie Payonk, and Angelina Manzella.  

Grace's song.mp3

 5000 years from now a cop chasing after a robot bad guy in a futuristic city. - Grace O'Mahoney, Izzy McNabney, and Flynn Marquart

Music Project...Tessa_Sarah_Emily.mp3

An old castle that is far away from any town and is in present day. - Tessa Tomaso, Emily Fuentes, and Sarah Tangen

Bday Song (1).mp3

A 1986 scary children's birthday party. -Olivia Shields, Megan Clavey, and Ava Aubry

Finns Song.mp3

We are in the suburbs of Chicago present-day.- Nick Gorrell, Finn Lammers, Josh Noa

Aditi's song.mp3

An enchanted forest where the "protagonist" is running from some evil wraith through the forest. - Aditi Tyagi, Katy Koker, and Lauren Hunt

Songy song (2).mp3

River adventure footrace that culminates in a dangerous chase. - Will Hoerner, Cade McAndrew, and Nick Maurer

Alexander's song.mp3

City car race at night time. - Alex Ahmari, Will Schmidt, and Jimmy Sobeski

Truman's song.mp3

Action game in the city ghetto. - Ben Tyner, Truman Arie, and Nick Kotiw

Mrs. Schuett's Class

Video Game Music

Paris Love Story MGR.mp3

Star-crossed lovers searching for each other in the bustle of the city.-Rhea Pinto, Michelle Stilger, and Gail Talavera

Abigail's song.mp3

Escape from the dungeon before you wake up the sleeping dragon. - Craig Ondevilla, Ricky Wilberg, and Abby Ewing

Copy of skatebord hero.mp3

Skateboarder traveling through the city fighting off the bad guys. -Tony Hubbard, Ben Dickerson, and  Sammy Garcia

Being chased in deserted place -- by MH, KK, and TD.mp3

Escape from from the desert to return home (Dystopian) - Matthew Hege, Kylee Kline, and Tatum Devriese

Mia, Bridget, and Cassie's Space song.mp3

Galactic Battle between two spaceships, one of them containing a spy. - Mia Kirby, Bridget DeLorenzo, and Cassie To

Scary Mansion.mp3

Escape from killer polar bears in a mansion in Siberia. - Elise Henkel, Chioma Okolo, and Mariel Ferreira

Spy Music.mp3

Spies searching for the missing diamonds in Paris, France. - Maci Walters, Sophia Solava, and Olivia Evangelisti

Space Cop.mp3

Donut cop travels through space defeating alien enemies and collecting donuts. - Kha Nguyen, Liam Dee, and Noah Eyman

Video Game Song.mp3

Escape from the dark cave. - Kaleb Johnson, Alex Tracy , and Paul Haken

Sr. Mary George's Top picks:

Space Cop.mp3

Spy Music.mp3

Abigail's song.mp3

Alexander's song.mp3

Grace's song.mp3