Welcome to 4th Grade Music!


Treble Clef Lines and Spaces Names can be found to the right. Use them to practice, and complete your homework. There are additional online games to practice found when you click on the button below.

Sr. M. Jacinta's Class

Original Compositions

Group 1: Nick Kroencke, Katelyn Gorrell, Christian Garcia, Bekah Goebel,  and Gracie Smalley

Group 2: Ashley Wells, Brody Boyd, Joe Keck, and Jennifer Hui

Group 3: Patrick Kennedy, Babette Bradley, Lucy Leatherwood, Shannon Monahan, and Nathan Hall

Group 4: Luke Monahan, Paige Stark, Reid Craddock, and Chloe Garcia

Group 5: Mary Kathryn Kluesner, Brianna Miller, Elle Klein, and Addie Kerr

Group 6: Keagan MarkunBridget Cassady, TJ Woods, and George Rousse

Nick and co..mp3

Ashley and co..mp3

Patrick and co..mp3

Luke and co..mp3

Mary Kathryn and co..mp3

Keagan and co..mp3


Mrs. Case's Class

Original Compositions

Group 1: Makenna Grey, Will Devocell, Johnny Harding, Cesca Smith, and Cole Vuglar

Group 2: Gabe Yallaly, Katie Hettinger, Maggie McCabe, Michael Donnelly, and Holden Beth

Group 3Rylee Hutjens, Braxton Boatright, Madison Steffen, and Will Chladney

Group 4: Jack Levitan, Ryan Daley, Liam Newman, and Maddie Staab

Group 5Courtney Boppart, Kyan Pope, Jamison Rasmus, and Audrey Ruppel

Group 6Abbie Vavrik, Tyler Mackey, Alex Steffen, and Veronica Alcaraz

Makenna and co..mp3

Gabe and co..mp3

Rylee and co..mp3

Jack and co..mp3

Courtney and co..mp3

Abbie and co..mp3

You'll find the list of recorder Karate songs below along with the belt color that each student achieves as they pass each song.

Students are responsible for bringing their Recorders to school on days of class as well as their Blue Recorder Karate Book. Students who forget their recorder will not be allowed to test for a belt that day.

Here is another great practice resource that is loads of fun for the Recorder. Make sure that you log on to my classroom page using the link below- so I can chart your progress! Register yourself as a new user.


Recorder Karate Accompaniments can be found on the Rehearsal Page found HERE!

It is password protected:
Login is: stmatthew
Password is: (our school mascot)

4th Grade's

Recorder Karate Songs

White – Hot Cross Buns

Yellow – Gently Sleep 

Orange – Merrily We Roll Along 

Green – It’s Raining

Purple – Old MacDonald

Blue – When The Saints Go Marching In

Red – Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Brown – Amazing Grace

Black – Ode To Joy