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We play recorders in the Fall, and Sing, and do digital recordings and creations in the Spring. Look forward to checking out some original pieces from your student in the spring. 

You can also practice Recorder in a Video/like settingat:

Some Recorder Resources and practice can be completed at:

Form Compositions

We finish up the year studying musical form. Students created original compositions using Soundtrap. The songs are in one of four different types of forms.

1. Binary (AB)                                                          2. Arch (ABCBA)

3. Ternary (ABA or ABC)                                       4. Rondo (ABACA)

5. Chain (AA, BB, CC, DD)

Log in with your Google Login to www.soundtrap.com to begin working on your project.

Mrs. Richards Class '17-'18 FAVORITES

Aubrey's song.mp3

Nici's AB song!.mp3

Makenna's ABA song.mp3

Mary Kathryn's song ABA.mp3

Ms. Spoonholtz Class '17-'18 FAVORITES

Jamison's song Ab.mp3

Joe's rondo song.mp3

Reid's abaca song.mp3