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Guitar Unit

Hello! We continue to study the guitar in 7th grade this year. 

It is a great opportunity to expand upon the skills that we learned last year. We will also be looking at 21st Century Music. Be prepared to learn a lot about popular music, as well as get a chance to play many different genres of music. If you are new to the guitar don't worry. We're all beginners here!  

There will be written tests as well as playing tests. I will be giving students time to practice in class to work on the skills that we are perfecting.

Basic Information and Genres









Music throughout the Decades Unit:

You will find some examples of artists that had major impacts on music in the following examples. Please do some research on these particular people. I have also included some video's to give you a look at them performing live.

What you need to Do:

The Paper...

Every one in your group must pick a different genre within your Decade and write a  report on that type of music within the decade. (Ex. 1920's options - folk, blues, broadway)  Use the following layout for you paper:

  • Start off with an opening paragraph overview of what characterizes that genre.
  • Then write several (3-4) paragraphs each, about 3 different musical stars of that genre’s time period. Include information about their music and what made them important to that genre of music, some of the new elements or innovations that they added to the genre, where they came from, what made them popular, what where some of their biggest hits, describe what their music sounded like, etc. This may include highlighting how they built on what the era before them began. YOU CAN PICK OUT THESE STARS OFF MY WEBSITE!
  • Conclude your entire paper with a closing paragraph that ties the whole paper back together re-highlighting the genre, and all of it’s stars together.
  • Please do this paper in MLA format.
For the Movie...
  1. Together in your group - choose one Genre and make a "music video" for one of the artists. Start off the video having each member tell about his or her genre (be creative, maybe it's a VH1 interview, or a today show special) with a lead into the specific music video as a prime example of the decade. Use the information from your papers!
  2. I am available to help edit after school, you just need to schedule a time with me and we can use the schools laptops and equipment. PLEASE SEE ME IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE!


NOTE: I do not want an eclectic "music video" I want to see images of the band/group/singer - you can offer images or clips of their life but I definitely want to see images of the artist/s performing. All songs used for the video must be approved by me first.

                 HOERNER Dates:                                      CLEGG Dates:

Paper Due – October 25, 2018                              October 24, 2018

Movie Due- November 20, 2018                          November 19, 2018


Important links to use:

Worldbook Online








Epic Video Game Music

OUR FOCUS: The use of a “layered loop” in gaming music: a loop of music that can be played over and over again and that changes or grows in intensity through the clever use of varying orchestration.

Taking this concept, you can create an epic battle theme which is 8 bars in length, but has 3 different versions, building loops upon one another.


Here's what you do:
  • The first 8-bar version of the theme is gentle and a little mysterious. This would be used say, when the player is walking around, exploring the landscape.

  • The second 8-bar version of the theme includes a few extra parts to increase the intensity. This part of the theme would be triggered when the player is nearing a bad guy and/or they are approaching a combat situation.

  • The third 8-bar version of the theme is the most intense and includes all instrumental parts. This version of the theme would accompany the battle itself. It’s strong, powerful and fierce.

  • Make sure that at least 3 of your tracks are homemade, created melody pattern, or rhythmic sequences!

Ex. Espionage Spy Music.mp3

Assignments Due:

Mrs. Hoerner - May 16, 2018          Mrs. Peetz - May 11, 2018

Mrs. Hoerner's Class
 Video Game Music

Isaac's song.mp3

 It is the middle of the night. There is about to be a street fight. It starts off slow as the fighter are about to start fighting but gets faster as it starts getting more intense between them.Isaac and Martin M.

Ava D.mp3

 You're walking along a dark, creepy street one night in Los Angeles. Someone starts to follow you, so you start running. You run along different streets and try to escape while avoiding different objects.The game starts out while you are walking, and then it picks up when you start to run.- Ava D. and Emma

band's song.mp3

Our video game is a santa game. What happens is that you are going to the boss (santa) and you destroy him. We wanted a dubstep and christmas vibe. It is an action game and the key is to demolish evil santa. At first it is slow because you are walking to santa. And then it gets faster, because you are fighting him. - Leah and Ava B.

Ella's song 2.mp3

 The game we did is called “Auntie”. Our song is a horror game. It takes place in a haunted house. It is a virtual reality game. This game is very entertaining. - Angela and  Ella

Marin's and Mk's song.mp3

 You are the detective in a murder mystery. Our first part is the detective crossing the street to the crime scene.  Our second part is the detective walking in the old house and opening and closing doors, find clues. Our last part is the detective finding out that the murderer is someone in the house. - Marin and Makayla

claire and greta.mp3

 Our game is a racing game. You are driving the car and there is a police car chasing you. You are driving through the streets of LA late at night. It is a fun and intense game with lots of thrill. You have to drive around obstacles in the road like people, cars, and trash cans. The music that we picked out indicates that there will be a lot of fun in the game. You can choose a car you want and go through all the different parts of this big city. If you crash into anything the cops will be right behind you but after a little they won’t be able to find you. You can collect cons along the way to help you have a boast if the cops are right behind you. That is the racing game that we chose.- Claire M. and Greta

Ryan and Matthew.mp3

You are going to Hawaii. There you search for chests and weapons to fight off the enemies. You have to fight the enemies to survive on the island and get the treasure from the Big chests.- Ryan and Matthew

Immanuel's song.mp3

This is a fight scene in the woods. Two people were fighting and then they heard cop sirens. Then they ran. They were getting chased down by the cops. - Daniel and Immanuel

Elise's song.mp3

You are a horse in the milky way galaxy. You stumble upon a portal and enter into it. As you continue to gallop through the colorful tunnels you see a room at the end. There is the evil Mr. Robot Horse who wants to take over the galaxy.But then there's a twist. The boss fight is completely in dance and everything gets really jazzy.- Elise and Janie

Joseph's song.mp3

 The player is in a cave. Then, as the player gets deeper into the cave, he fights off minions. When he finds the boss, he starts to run. The boss catches up and you are stuck. You have to turn around and fight the boss as he spews minions.- Jude and Joseph

Celie's song.mp3

Our game is called faster than fast. First, you need to choose a car. Then, you choose a character. You can design both as you would like. This is a race going through the beach and it’s very tropical.You go through different levels and the music will get more intense through each level. You will run into challenges and obstacles. You also create teams, and are able to be the best in the world. (This game is for all ages.)- Celie and Kaelyn

Mrs. Peetz's Class
 Video Game Music

Maryn's song.mp3

A robber comes into a makeup store in New York City. After shopping around in the store he decides to run out with the makeup. The alarm goes off and a clerk goes chasing after him. - Addi and Maryn

Erin Henkel and Mallory Monahan.mp3

Our video game is about being lost in space. Your ship and floating out in space. Your goal is to find your way back into the space ship but you are running out of oxygen. The first eight bars are about the person exploring space and trying to keep clam. The Next eight bars that your oxygen is half way and you are traveling to different planets to find your space ship. The last eight bars are that you a very low on oxygen and you have to get to your space ship fast or else the game is over and you have to restart. - Erin and Mallory

Cameron's song.mp3

A Car Chase in Los Angeles at night. - Hannah and Cameron

Louiemar and Matin's song.mp3

A robber is on a heist in the future. The objective of the robber was to get all the loot from the bank. His other objective is to steal the loot without being seen, especially by the cops. - Martin S. and Louie

taylord7's song 3.mp3

An investigator has heard strange things about a house located on Meadow Dr. Many people went to investigate the abandoned house, but strangely never returned. To find out the truth about the mysterious building, Tom Hilton goes to investigate it's whereabouts. - Dane and Kendall

haunted song.mp3

 A boy goes out in the middle of the night for an adventure. He goes through the woods. When he was in the woods he found a house. Little did he know it was haunted. There were many spider webs, it was very dark, and it was just plain creepy. He heard a girl calling for help so he ran. When he entered the house the doors closed behind him and would not open again.- Ashley and Kennedy

Delaney and Emma's song.mp3

 A guy in Tokyo is in a car chase. The first eight bars are just the guy getting started. As the guy gets faster and levels up, the music gets faster. - Delaney and Emma M.

Class Picks

Joseph's song.mp3

Louiemar and Matin's song.mp3

Ryan and Matthew.mp3

Delaney and Emma's song.mp3

Ava D.mp3

taylord7's song 3.mp3