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Guitar Unit

Hello! We continue to study the guitar in 7th grade this year. 

It is a great opportunity to expand upon the skills that we learned last year. We will also be looking at 21st Century Music. Be prepared to learn a lot about popular music, as well as get a chance to play many different genres of music. If you are new to the guitar don't worry. We're all beginners here!  

There will be written tests as well as playing tests. I will be giving students time to practice in class to work on the skills that we are perfecting.

Basic Information and Genres









Music throughout the Decades Unit:

You will find some examples of artists that had major impacts on music in the following examples. Please do some research on these particular people. I have also included some video's to give you a look at them performing live.

What you need to Do:

Every one in your group must pick a different genre within your Decade and write a 1-2 page report on that type of music within the decade. (Ex. 1920's options - folk, blues, broadway) 

  1. Use the following layout for your paper:
  • Start off with a paragraph overview of what characterizes that genre.
  • Then write several (3-4) paragraphs about the stars or biggest names of that genre’s time period. Include information about their music and what made them important to that genre of music: some of the new elements or innovations that they added to the genre, or if they just built on what the era before them.
  • Conclude with a closing paragraph that ties the whole genre, and all of it’s stars together.
  • Please do this paper in MLA format.

Together in your group - choose one Genre and make a "music video" for one of the artists. Start off the video having each member tell about their genre (be creative, maybe it's a VH1 interview, or a today show special) with a lead into the specific music video as a prime example of the decade. Use the information from your papers!

NOTE: I do not want an eclectic "music video" I want to see images of the band/group/singer - you can offer images or clips of their life but I definitely want to see images of the artist/s performing. All songs used for the video must be approved by me first. 


Paper Due – November 6, 2017                Movie Due- DECEMBER 4, 2017        


Paper Due - November 10, 2017

Movie Due - DECEMBER 8, 2017

Important links to use:

Worldbook Online








Epic Video Game Music

OUR FOCUS: The use of a “layered loop” in gaming music: a loop of music that can be played over and over again and that changes or grows in intensity through the clever use of varying orchestration.

Taking this concept, you can create an epic battle theme which is 8 bars in length, but has 3 different versions, building loops upon one another.


Here's what you do:
  • The first 8-bar version of the theme is gentle and a little mysterious. This would be used say, when the player is walking around, exploring the landscape.

  • The second 8-bar version of the theme includes a few extra parts to increase the intensity. This part of the theme would be triggered when the player is nearing a bad guy and/or they are approaching a combat situation.

  • The third 8-bar version of the theme is the most intense and includes all instrumental parts. This version of the theme would accompany the battle itself. It’s strong, powerful and fierce.

  • Make sure that at least 3 of your tracks are homemade, created melody pattern, or rhythmic sequences!

Ex. Espionage Spy Music.mp3

Assignments Due:

Mrs. Hoerner - April 24                             Mrs. Peetz - April 28

Mrs. Hoerner's Class
 Video Game Music

Space Exploration.mp3

Astronauts exploring a new planet, destroying a large alien monster, (Dystopian) off of the large, rocky surface of the planet and the cliffside. - Adam Keck, Ife Okolo, and Alex Morris

kerrca's song.mp3

Hawaiian modern day sound. We are on an island looking for a treasure. 2000s. - Delaney Record, Kate Kroencke, and  Caroline Kerr 

quarnspa's song.mp3

Minecraft, running away from enemies in the desert night, (Dystopian -3030). -Patrick Quarnstrom and Blake Staab

ennisma's song.mp3

New York City, and it is in a dark, creepy ally way, you are the robber and you just finished a robbery. You get caught by the police and you start to run, you run past obstacles. Mary Frances Ennis, Ellie Dixon, and Olivia Vance

space video game dively schuchart kengue-Moukeke.mp3

Retro themed space survival where you're stuck in your ship and forced to survive space by collecting supplies from meteors. - Aiden Dively, Luc Kengue-Moukeke, and Max Schuhart

Pokemon champion.mp3

Pokemon Battle on a Mountain top, present day. - Eric Olsen andJacob Donahoe

Hercules Video Game.mp3

Mythological Hercules fighting ancient Greek Battles.- Samantha Valentine, Lilia Wishall, and Claire Boettcher

Car Chase.mp3

Robbery Car Chase through the city.- Griffin Gorrell, Jack Solava, and Tate Herges

My song.mp3

A creepy, pale walrus is chasing people down the road, with people chasing you saying "Obey the walrus."- Riley Nelson and Mitchell Hynds

catherine, Lauren, Catey 2.mp3

A desert at dusk. - Catherine Clavey and Lauren Cassidy

Mrs. Peetz's Class
 Video Game Music

hornau's song.mp3

An Intergalactic Space Adventure- Audrey Horn, Anna Craddock, and Isabella Jacobini

Camille's song.mp3

 A motorcycle rider trying to win a race in California. - Camille Breen, Emery Czys, and Bella Ramshaw

Veronica's song.mp3

Scary House Mystery on the edge of the forest. - Sophie Vavrik, Anna Kate Cline, and Veronica Schuchart

Samantha's song.mp3

Jazz Club 1930s mafia action.- Samantha Kline and Emily Hettinger

smithvi's song.mp3

 Alien fighting squad in a futuristic city, having a plane chase to defeat the aliens. - Victor Smith, Josh Miller, and Jacob Dobbins

potenbli's song.mp3

In the future, a city pirate-BoboMcflobo the most dangerous space pirate around.- Liam Potenberg, Aidan Mulcahey, and Vigo Etshitshi

boppartr's song.mp3

Fighting to save a burning castle. - Matthew Lugardo, Trent Boppart, and Sebastian Wetzel

Haunted House Video Game Music- Taylor (1).mp3

Inside a scary dark foggy house or mansion. - Grace Taylor, Clare Smith, and Molly Hergenrother

Eric Song.mp3

It's New Orleans, post zombie apocolypse, 1990, abandon rock concert. - Eric Pollard, Will Peifer, Brady Boatright

Sr. Mary George's Top Picks

Hercules Video Game.mp3

ennisma's song.mp3

space video game dively schuchart kengue-Moukeke.mp3

hornau's song.mp3

Haunted House Video Game Music- Taylor (1).mp3