1940's Music of the Decade 

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JAZZ Genre

Important people to Check out:

Big Band Swing

Glenn Miller Orchestra - continued swing era although straining because of World War II. To the left they are the group playing the ever popular song "In the Mood."


Duke Ellington and Count Basie - continued to lead bands throughout the country.

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Rhythm and Blues

Louis Jordan - moved toward a new type of music with a little "jump" this new type would soon be called rhythm and blues and help influence what would be Rock and Roll in the 50's. He is also arguably one of the first rappers.

Louis Armstrong - He and his band the Hot 7 continued to develop the blues ideal and add more rhythm.


Big Joe Turner - singer and featured innovator especially at the Newport Jazz Festival in Chicago.

Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday see the 1930's information.



Be Bop

Charlie Parker - saxophone player and major player in the development of the more academic and fast playing of be bop. Bebop was not a jazz music for dancing but rather listening to and analyzing.

Dizzie Gilespie - known for his bent trumpet and puffy cheeked playing, innovator of the new type of Jazz.

Thelonious Monk - pianist and developer of the quick tempo bebop

Country/ Folk Genre

Hank Williams - one of the leading Cowboy country singers that first started adding elements of Rock and Roll in his music. 

Bluegrass Boys - one of the first groups to add bluegrass roots into their country music

Ernest Tubb - nicknamed the Texas Troubadour, he was one of the leading innovators of Country music, bringing the honky-tonk style to the genre.

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Broadway/ Movies/Parlor Genre

Bing Crosby - reaches new levels and continues to be a favorite throughout the decade.

Frank Sinatra - first makes his appearance and doubles in many movies with Crosby

Gene Kelly - popular movie dancer and singer

The Andrews Sisters - one of the big women's singing groups of the era, especially popular during war time.

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