R&B / Soul Genre

This would be the breakoff of Jazz at this time. It was the natural progression of where Jazz music led to. It would lead to Disco music in the next decade and be the root of modern R&B music for today.

Important people to Check out:

 Aretha Franklin

James Brown

Stevie Wonder


The Temptations

Dianne Ross and the Supremes

Hear the music at:


Rock 'n' Roll Genre

The last in this genre before it phased out altogether into the different forms of R&B and Rock music.

Ray Charles

Chubby Checker

Fats Domino

Country Genre

Featured some of the most famous women singers in Country. This was the first time women as solo artists featured air time on the radio waves. Prior to this time dominated by group or solo male artists. (There were still many male artists, but this was an evolution for women.)

Patsy Cline

Hank Williams Jr.

Loretta Lynn

Rock Genre

This genre began developing as it's own genre during this time as a break-off from Rock n' Roll. It simultaneously took on the characteristics of many other types of music as well. That's why you see. Blues/Rock, Southern/Rock, etc.  There are definitely hybrids. Check out the different artists and variety of different sounds.

Blues Rock

Janis Joplin

Jimi Hendricks

Southern Rock

Lynrd Skynrd

ZZ Top

Creedance Clearwater Revival

Surf Music

The Beach Boys


British Rock

also known as the British Invasion and America's response to it

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones