2015 Solo and Ensemble Time Schedule

Posted by Sr. Mary George Brown on Friday, March 27, 2015
Mansfield Blue Ridge Junior High - April 11, 2015

28:48Vocal SoloThe Last Goodbye; Sr. Mary George
Bridget Clavey 
69:18Brass SoloMeditation; Sr. Mary George
Joseph Pezzino
29:24Vocal SoloThe Rose; Sr. Mary George
Jessica Crane
29:30Vocal SoloA Time for Us; Sr. Mary George
Christina Lee
79:42Percus Ens.Dance of the Chrom; Daniel Hettinger,  Allen Potenberg
79:48Brass EnsGigue; Matthew Hege,  Will Hoerner, 
19:48Vocal EnsEver In My Heart; Sr. Mary George
Lexi Boppart,  Bridget Clavey, Jessica Crane,
79:54Percus Ens.Duelin' paradiddles; Paris Gidcumb,  Emily Hettinger
69:54Brass SoloRomanza; Sr. Mary George
Maggie Barnes
810:06Piano SoloSolfeggietto; Michelle Stilger
810:12String EnsInvention No. 4; Aisha DeSouza,  Christina Lee, 
510:18Wdwind SoloPolka; Sr. Mary GeorgeAisha DeSouza
710:30Brass EnsWaltz; Maggie Barnes,  Sophie Vavrik, 
310:30Vocal SoloWhere is Love?; Sr. Mary GeorgeAleena Fullop (?)
610:48Brass SoloAria - Bist du bei mir; Michael LeeConnor Doyle
511:00Wdwind SoloMinuet; Michael LeeMaggie Neuman, 5, 1, Flute;
211:00Vocal EnsAll Through the Night; Sr. Mary George
Catherine Clavey, Mary Francis Ennis,  Maggie Neuman, 
811:00Acstic Guitar; Aisha DeSouza
811:06Acstic Guitar; Christina Lee
411:12Wdwind Ens.Scottish Bobber; Corey Pollard,  Jacob Robinson, 
711:24Percus SoloStick to it!; Allen Potenberg, 
611:24Brass EnsCanticle of the Sun; Connor Doyle,  Henry Kraatz, 
211:24Vocal SoloWhere is Love?; Sr. Mary GeorgeAleena Fullop (?)
611:48Brass SoloDedication; Sr. Mary George
Catherine Clavey
711:54Brass SoloChorale MelodySr. Mary George
Matthew Vendal
811:54Wdwind SoloMinuet; Michael LeeMaggie Neuman
812:00Wdwind Solo; Michael LeeLiam Dee
512:00Wdwind Ens.Carmen Ent're Act III; Sr. Mary George
Heidi Brya, Aisha DeSouza, 
712:12Mixed Ens.Expt from William Tell; Maggie Barnes, Heidi Brya, Aisha DeSouza,  Christina Lee,  Maggie Vavrik
812:24Wdwind SoloLargo; Sr. Mary George
Isabella Bedini-Jacobini
412:24Wdwind EnsMarch of the Tin Sldrs; Maggie Neuman, Maggie Vavrik, 
812:30Wdwind SoloCielito Lindo; Sr. Mary George
Aleena Fullop
412:42Wdwind SoloSicielliene; Michael LeeHeidi Brya

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